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Thus, several individual businesses have developed education queue system their own customer satisfaction metrics and standards, which are in line with their structure and operation. The process of measuring customer satisfaction has the potential to collect quality data about customer perceptions, which is impossible with the mechanisms of classic market research. In this way, it is possible to formulate concrete actions to improve the business, which is also the main goal of satisfaction measurement programs. When we want to study and measure the satisfaction a customer derives from the use of a website or an online store, we must bear in mind that this study will require data not only technically but also anthropocentric. Many researches have focused on this queue system in school very multidimensional character.

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For example, areas like psychology can interpret a client s requirements and queue system in school play a very important role in the perceived satisfaction he draws for it, then it is obvious that the design and organization of a website can not be isolated from it. The main purpose of this research is to study the customer s satisfaction with technical and man-centered factors that, as mentioned above, affect the customer s overall experience. The most important part of the survey was the creation of a questionnaire placed on the website of a Greek company selling men s clothing and accessories to measure whether its customers are satisfied with the services and products provided at its online store. The questionnaire was created after extensive literature research on the subject of customer satisfaction in a website. Initially identified the most commonly referenced criteria in the bibliography that count and wondrous the customer s liking when in a particular cyberspace and after being isolated, questions were created based on them.

For the correct selection of criteria to ensure the best possible result, about 30 equcation queue management solutions researches were selected, from which the 16 who cited the most prevalent criteria were analyzed with the help of a detailed table. The evaluation criteria are a set of features with which the consumer understands his satisfaction. After a study of multiple university surveys, it was found that the criteria used to evaluate a site are given in the table below, which also lists how many of these surveys reported these criteria. As we can see from the table above, each equcation queue management solutions of these criteria has a different incidence in the surveys. The highest percentage is the reliable content reported by 14 of the 16 papers.


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This shows how important it is to have trusted content within a site. We then see that in 11 of the 16 papers we found content use, response, and content design. Three very important criteria for properly evaluating a site. For most people, the security of a site is a major factor in making their transactions, which is bibliographically confirmed as9 of the 16 papers consider it a very important criterion. Then, in the7 of the 16 papers, the criterion of personification is followed, followed by6 in the paper ease of navigation and by reference to5 of the 16 papers the criteria informative and effective. Finally, there are other criteria that appear at click here very low rates of 1%- 2% and are liveliness, speed of loading, relevance, customer satisfaction, compatibility browser, variety of goods, faithfulness, integration of information, technology integration, content integration, customer service, fulfillment and links to other sites. According to Lin 2010, the response is the extent to which a customer understands whether services provided by an online retailer are responsive and useful. According to Chang et al. 2009, the response measures the ability of e-retailers to provide the necessary and correct information to their customers when a problem arises, to have mechanisms for successful handling of procedures such as returns and to offer electronic guarantees.